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Mum Knows Best: 10 Top Life Tips

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I wrote an article for “WeLoveDates.com” about the “11 Love Lessons I Learnt From My Mum” which you can read here. This got me thinking about the other things my… Continue reading

6 Reasons To Visit Berlin

Berlin is a city that’s full of surprises – from underground Russian-themed bars that are home to Mexican walking fish, to quirky Sunday flea markets with musicians in Lederhosen! Here are six reasons… Continue reading

The Phone Call That Made Christmas Magical

The time has come to wave a last goodbye to Christmas. As we pack away the final decorations, get ready for the (overdue) January detox, and (almost) resist the leftover chocolate coins, it’s… Continue reading

A Love Letter to New York City

I’ve been to New York six times and I still can’t get enough of it.  What is it about you, New York, that enchants me so much?  I don’t know how to say… Continue reading


Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives. Whether it’s work, relationships, money or home life, many of us frequently complain about being stressed but then do nothing about it. Stress takes its… Continue reading

Eating like a local: a mouth-numbing encounter

Food has a magical way of bringing people closer together. It’s a universal language that everyone understands. When you visit a foreign country, there’s no better way to dissolve the language barriers than… Continue reading

Escaping the Russian version of Fawlty Towers

I never thought I’d have to lie about how much I fancied a cold salted fish platter in order to escape a bad restaurant. Maybe it’s the curse of being a polite Brit… Continue reading

Beauty in unexpected places…

The sky has always fascinated me, I really am drawn to it. Maybe it’s because it’s forever changing or it could because we have no true idea of its limits or what else… Continue reading

New Orleans: a city of music and mystery

There’s so much to tell you about this city – the architecture, the music, the people, the food. New Orleans is unique and full of charm. You never run out of things to… Continue reading