A cup of hot chocolate and a chance meeting with the “The Boss”

“If you’re lucky, you might meet your idol tonight,” the porter whispered as he carried our bags to the room. “What? Who? Who?” “Oh I can’t possibly say…” This was no time for… Continue reading

A whirlwind trip around America…

Memories of tasting heavenly pizza in New York, bumping into Bruce Springsteen in a haunted New Orleans hotel, crashing bachelor parties in Las Vegas, listening to toe-tapping good country music in Nashville and drinking lavender tea whilst having my fortune told in one of the oldest tea rooms in America. I find myself lost in bitter-sweet nostalgia thinking of all the enchanting people I have met and places I have visited.

Tasty treats from Olives Et Al

Following my last blog post on acquired tastes, I was very excited to get a message from Olives Et Al, a fine food company based in Dorset which specialises in olives, nuts, dressings… Continue reading

Can you learn to like the foods you loathe?

Having once sampled barbecued chicken feet in China, I like to think of myself as quite adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. I’m not saying I’m keen for witchetty grubs on… Continue reading

The ultimate cowboy builder

Home improvement can be a stressful experience. There are two words in particular that are guaranteed to raise the blood pressure: ‘COWBOY BUILDER.’ We’ve all been there – especially in the case of falling for a too-good-to-be-true Yellow Pages advert.

In search of the perfect Gentleman…

Picture the scene…I’ve just stepped off the plane after a long haul flight and I’m absolutely shattered. I’ve got a suitcase that weighs 25kg and 2 large hand luggage bags to transport across… Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year – hide the dust pans and peel some oranges!

The Year of the Rabbit is finally upon us and 3rd February 2011 marks the day that you should eat plenty of oranges, wear red clothing and hide your cleaning equipment. If this… Continue reading

The Ex-factor – beware of the bunny boiler

Nearly all of us have stories about mental exes. For the majority of us though, they rarely go further than drunken voicemail messages or texts. So, take a moment to imagine how you’d… Continue reading

Would all men cheat?

The comedian Chris Rock once said: ‘A man is only as faithful as his options’.

This may have been uttered in jest, but begs the question: would the (happily married) average Joe turn down Megan Fox if she led him upstairs from a lonely hotel bar and he knew his wife would never find out?

Man walks into a bar – 5 ways not to flirt

1) Dodgy chat-up lines “If I could rearange the alphabet, I would put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together”, “you’re just like a parking ticket…you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you”, or my personal favourite,… Continue reading