‘Case of the jobsworth’ – how pedantic low-level officials have made my travelling experiences a misery

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of a jobsworth is: ‘an official who mindlessly upholds petty rules.’ This exclusively British term originates from the mantra often used by unimportant clerical workers:… Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg – The New ‘Best Friends Forever’?

After the very positive body language displayed during their morning handshake outside 10 Downing Street, Cameron and Clegg faced the daunting task of their first ever dual press conference as Prime Minister and… Continue reading

Why the Cameron and Clegg handshake was a game of ‘power ping-pong’

At last, not only do we have a new government, but we have a coalition government for the first time in seventy years. Gordon Brown’s hand-holding quartet featuring his wife Sarah and his… Continue reading

Why girls wish life was more like ‘Love Actually’ – A clueless male’s guide to the fundamentals of being the contemporary Prince Charming

The phrase ‘romantic gesture’ is one that habitually leaves men baffled. Guys, you’ve really got no excuses- we’ve bombarded you with dozens of chick flicks over the years in the secret hope that… Continue reading

Hung Parliament Horror – How the pain of the outcome was visible in the body language of Brown, Cameron and Clegg

The prayer position is a pleading gesture, which hints at Brown’s helplessness and desperation for Clegg’s help. When Brown finished his speech, he turned around and walked away slowly and sombrely and represented the ‘defeated man’ – it reminded me of the sort of walk someone would take if they were following a coffin out of a church.

Why The Body Matters – Observations of David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg

…there comes a time when being ‘too rehearsed’ can become dangerous and make one appear almost robotic. Nick Clegg runs the risk of becoming a leader who is simply a predictive visual display of win-win presentation tricks and people may start to question whether there is ‘real’ Clegg underneath the ‘media machine’.

Sport…knowing your limits

Today I was reminiscing with my Mum about my first experiences of sport. “I remember when you were five years old and you were running in a race at Primary School. Dad and… Continue reading

Why ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Never Gets The Girl

The solution to this problem is more than a large injection of testosterone and a surgical insertion of a backbone. I guess that ‘Mr Nice Guy’ just needs to ‘man up,’ and not feel queasy at the thought of a social interaction with a woman. I’m not going to state that what women want is a ‘bad boy’ – as I definitely don’t want someone who is self-centered, unfaithful, selfish and dishonest, but instead we just want a decent guy who isn’t afraid to act strong and be a man.

When Men Go Too Far…

Fifteen years ago, if someone told the mass majority of straight men that their future icon would be a man with a squeaky voice who experimented with wearing sarongs, pink nail varnish and displayed a plethora of ridiculous hairstyles – they would have had to pick each other off the floor laughing…